FAQ & Warranty Info

What does IHS stand for?

IHS are the first three letters of the Greek spelling of Jesus. 

IHS is a Christogram — a combination of letters that represent the holy name “Jesus.” Early scribes would abbreviate the sacred names of Jesus by using the first two letters of the name, or the first and last letters, with a line over the letters. For example, the Greek letters Chi-Rho (which looks like our English X and P) was an abbreviation for the name “Christ.” Likewise, I (iota) and H (eta) are the first two Greek letters for “Jesus.” Sometime in the second century, the third letter, S (sigma), was added, thereby rendering IHS. These Christograms, such as XP or IHS, served as secret codes, whereby inscribed on a tomb, they indicated a deceased Christian, or on a doorpost, a Christian home. St. Bernardine of Siena (1380-1444) and his student St. John of Capistrano (1386-1456) used the Christogram IHS to promote devotion to the Holy Name of Jesus. In their preaching missions throughout Italy, they carried wooden placards with the IHS. Pope Martin V in 1427 approved the proper veneration to the Holy Name and asked that the cross be included in the monogram IHS. Largely due to St. Bernadine’s preaching, the name “Jesus” was added to the Hail Mary: “Blessed is the fruit of thy womb, Jesus.”    Because of the decline of Greek and predominance of Latin, IHS was viewed as an acronym for the Latin Iesus Hominum Salvator, meaning “Jesus Savior of Mankind.”


How do I return a product?

If you need to return a product, please return it to the dealer you purchased it from or to the Artistic dealer nearest you. The dealer will then handle the return process for you.


How long should I allow for delivery?

Our delivery times vary, but we do our best to fill orders within 30 days.


What should I do if I received a damaged product?

We check each item before we ship it, so chances are, the item was damaged in route. Contact the carrier that delivered the package or the dealer you ordered from.


Does Artistic refinish pieces?

We refinish brass and silver-plated Artistic pieces.


Does Artistic have a product guarantee?

Yes we do. Artistic master craftsmen have been creating churchware from selected metals and fine woods for more than 70 years.  We are confident you will find our products and finishes to be exceptional due to our attention to fine details.

Should a defect be found as a result of faulty workmanship or material, we will replace that item free of charge for a period of two years, five years for Brasstone and Silvertone.

We cannot, however, be responsible for damage due to improper care or maintenance. 


Does Artistic accept custom orders?

Yes. If you would like to custom order a product, please see your local dealer to place your order. Custom orders cannot be returned.


What does the 3-step bases symbolize?

Our communion ware covers bear the holy cross, encircled and supported by a three-tier pedestal. Our altar ware sets, floor candelabra and floor cross triad bases are a solid three step pedestal, all which symbolizes the Holy Trinity—a reverent foundation that is forged in to a host of other Artistic Churchware creations, bases.

What is the expiration on the Communion Bread/Wafers?

The manufacturer tells us that there is no expiration for this product. No ingredients that would spoil or go bad. It is normally advised to replace the bread/wafers, 1 year after receipt. The taste may change a bit over time, but nothing harmful should occur.