Natural Wood Products


What you can expect from wood products.


Artistic uses natural wood to create our churchware. Wood is a product of nature and its vari-ation is one of the most appealing factors of wood products. Even the finest wood products have certain natural characteristics that cannot be hidden with a finishing process.

Wood appearance is affected by weather, climate, insects, birds, soil makeup, and natural growth patterns. Wood is a product of nature and displays natural characteristics and variances that are unique to each and every cut. These characteristics are an integral part of the charm and beauty of real wood - no two pieces are alike.

Here are some natural wood characteristics:

A. Expansion and contraction is perfectly normal to observe some separation at joints in wood. Although we take every precaution to minimize this, it is completely natural.

B. End grains appear darker, as the stain is absorbed and is most commonly seen on the joints. This is a natural reaction when the stain is applied and not a deemed as a defect.

C. An olive or greenish-black or brown discoloration of undetermined cause in woods, commonly caused by minerals which the tree extracts from the soil, or other injuries that occurred during the growth process. This is common in many types of wood products and is referred to as a mineral streak. It may produce a slight surface crack, but there is no change in the structural integrity of the wood panel.

D. Aging will occur and color changes will vary based on many material and environmental con-ditions. This again is completely natural and to most a reflection of the beauty intrinsic of natu-ral wood. Over time splits may appear and are completely natural to aging.